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Notes from an Eternal Snow

Waiting for what seems like forever

I have a little bit of an adventure of a life. I just turned fifteen when I started this journal. I'm separated from my boyfriend by force. He is an adult and I am 3 1/2 years younger than him, so that's a bit of a problem. I miss him very much. I'm not sure if he will wait. One thing I know that uplifts me every day is that he and I are engaged, so that gives him a reason to wait. He is my best friend, so that gives another reason.

Oops! I didn't tell much about myself. I am fifteen now, as of today (starting date), I have shoulder-length brown hair and starting today, I decided to grow it out until the day I turn 18, the day I am free, and I will cut it down with Correy (my bf) by my side. I live in Colorado. I love to draw, I'm actually attempting to make an animation...a full length film if you will. I love to sing. I sing mostly in Japanese and am in the process of learning the language. I love to write. I write full-length novels and I have seven unfinished ones on my computer. I don't watch a lot of tv, but I love to listen to music. Music is how I get my ideas. You know, I still listen to Christmas music, not because I want to, but because I have to, otherwise my skills for developing ideas for Enchanted Deidra (my animation and book) will be reduced by roughly 40%. Pretty sad, huh? I'm in a prison of 'ding dong! ding dong' and songs about sad, lonely, Christmas Trees. :P

I am 5"3' and I have stopped growing, according to my doctor. I am the shortest in my high school class. :P

I actually do not wish to drive a car. Car uses up gas, which will use up my money, and using that stuff harms the earth. I'm a sucker for saving the earth, so and adding to the fact that my thighs are very big, due to sitting at the computer all day, I choose to navigate in the outdoors by riding a bicycle.

I don't have a cell-phone, nor do I want one. I know I'm a sinner. :P lol

I have two cats and one dog. Does a monkey for a brother count, too?

I actually love to play old video games like pong. I enjoy Mario games, even the new ones. I just don't play them on a Wii or gamecube cuz I don't have one. My Gameboy Advance SP just broke down after 5 years of working. So long, my good friend! :'(

I will not state my religion, for I am not sure what religion I am.

Anyway, that is really all. I will post almost every day if I can about my bf and how much I miss him and about the new school I am going to. That should be bliss. ^^