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Writer's Block: Doh!
crazy, skirt, dress
What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?

Honestly, the dumbest thing I've ever done was make out with a gay guy. lol

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(Deleted comment)
I've known this guy for years, since i was in 2nd grade, actually. Well, i was at his house, sitting in his bed next to him, we both were reading twilight, and i ask him,

"So, how did you and Josh make out?"

"Um...just the normal tongue kiss."

"How long was it?" I asked.

"Like pretty long. Geez, Caite! I don't time these sorts of things."

"If I kissed Correy like that, would he like it?"

"Hm...possibly..." Cole replied. I nodded.

"Can you teach me."

"I dunno..." Cole wondered. "I don't think Correy would like that."

Two seconds passed.

"What the hell," and he grabbed me and kissed me for like 10 seconds. I pulled away when I realized how much of an idiot i was for not kissing someone who wasn't my boyfriend. lol the only thing i said after that was,

"Yup. Correy would definately love that."

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