crazy, skirt, dress


Notes from an Eternal Snow

Waiting for what seems like forever

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Train of thought...let's see where this goes...
crazy, skirt, dress
BWAHH!!! I'm so hungry!!! 

My knee hurts so badly...

I love Correy so much. I kept thinking about him was weird.

I'm listening to the song I want to hear when I'm walking down the wedding isle....

The Last of the Mohicans is my favorite album of soundtrack.

I am sort of emo. Just that the school won't let me dye my hair purple.

I might, though, color my hair green for Halloween!!!

I just scratched my nose!

My earphones for my iPod match my ipod!

I have an ASU notebook, even though it says "Made Expressly for the ASU Bookstore". Tee hee!

I need to pick my nose now...

There we go!!!

I'm now listening to the Island, which is actually, my favorite album of soundtrack...

I forgot my violin at school! (Dang it!!!)

I am now able to wear red lipstick, now that my teeth are noticably whiter!!!

My jaw hurts!!!

My lipstick tastes awful! It has no flavor!

I have had two new story ideas this week!

I have the Shikon Jewel of Four Souls (necklace) from Inuyasha sitting on my desk!!!

I will be getting a phone soon. It is a Tmobile Sidekick. It's black!!! :D

My brother got a phone before me! :(

Wow 2000!

I really wish there was a Mannheim Steamroller concert soon...

I'm now listening to Never Too Late by 3 days's my vampyre song for the vampyre story!

I now really wish that there was a 3 DAys Grace concert soon...

I'm wearing a headband made of hard plastic from the dollar store that hurts so badly!

I now have a headache. :P

I'm so hungry!

We're having perohies for dinner!

Perohies are potatoe filled dumplings. It's good when covered in cheese.

Oh, I love cheese! I love muenster, cheddar, american, goat, laughing cow, swiss, and colby jack! I hate pepper jack and bleu.

My favorite colors are red and black.

My sweets looks sexy in black.

He also looks amazing in striped polos. tee hee

And if I don't belong...who would have guessed it?!?!

I have a tendancy to repeat song lyrics at random times.


Harry! Come quick! Dumbledore's been in some sort of accident!

Oh my God! Was it serious?!?!

 No, it was Snape!!!...



Oooh!  A genie! I've never seen a genie like this before!


Uhn, uhn, uhn...Don't talk! I'm your master now.


For my first wish...



I'M A FIRIN' MY...mediocre employee...



The Genie with a Dirty Mind!!!

Hey Genie, do you mind if I'm on top tonight???



Hey dude, where's your phone?

Oh, it's charging...




Oh hey! It's a letter from my uncle!





(looks in sink)

What the heck is in there?!?!




Oh my God! It's James Molina!



I must eat now!! Goodbye!


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