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2 Goals Down!!! YAY!!!
crazy, skirt, dress
Remember those goals that I put up a few months ago? Two of them have been completed so far! Here they are:

I toned out my body (and butt) through volleyball practice and at-home workouts! :D

I whitened my teeth through Crest White Strips! I can wear red lipstick now! :D

Now that I got those two easy ones down, I can now work on my vampyre story, so that I can get the next hardest one out of the way. I have found a laptop that might suit me. It has 4GB for memory, 500 GB for hard drive, 4 USB ports, it plays HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray, it comes with a program that helps with images and animation, and it's only 7 pounds! It's $1000, but I can still save up. I'm in the process of saving up for a camera, and then an iPod Touch. I will plan on saving up for the iPod and computer when I start working (which I don't know when I will). My vampyre story is almost done. I just need to build the fight scene and that's all. I already have the very end figured out. :-) I will then cross off another goal on my list! Yay!


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