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Weird dreams
crazy, skirt, dress
I have been having some weird dreams, lately. One includes the one about me and Correy and Logan (wolverine) that I posted a while ago. Lol. Others are even weirder!

1. I was at a Colorado college and I was in the cafeteria with my friends on my first day there. I wasn't so familiar with the surroundings of the campus. When I had to go to the bathroom, I excused myself and went out of the cafeteria and headed for downstairs. Thinking illogically, I accidentaly found myself in another person's dorm. Coming out of the bathroom was a Japanese dude about my age (One, I was a college student, not a highschool sophomore at the time. Two, I dreamt of a Japanese guy probably because I think those guys are cute. ^^) . Immediately, we began kissing and making out on the bed. He pulled out this book, which happened to be a "Sex Bible", but it wasn't like a book about sex, like what those ones at the bookstore say. It was more like the Holy Bible, with verses and laws, except all about sex. He even tried some stuff out gently while we still had clothes on. My true conscience was saying to me, "Dude, this isn't right! He isn't Correy! You need to wake up. Now." And I did.

2. I was getting my sports physical at the doctor's office. Instead of my regular doctor, my person was Correy. What was so weird was that he had asked my mom to exit the room, and she did so pleasingly. He made me take off my clothes...all of them...and then became my "gynecologest"...checking me out and looking for problems. I was afraid that this dream would change into him eating me out on the doctor's table, so I woke up from that.

3. I met Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog at another Colorado college campus. He invited me to his house for dinner, but as we were eating (which our meal was fried chicken and corn), the house caught on fire, so Knuckles flew me up to a treehouse for safety. Note that this is the same treehouse I had in a previous dream that consisted of Correy and Logan (wolverine) playing cards to win me. I woke up from that because my knees were hurting me. :(

Vote which dream is the weirdest and if you have recently had a weird dream that you simply cannot get out of your head, feel free to post it/them down below! Thank you!



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