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crazy, skirt, dress
Yay! School starts tomorrow! Volleyball practice was today!!! YAY!!!

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(Deleted comment)'re going to college? grr...lucky! :D What are you studying there?

I really don't know how good our team is. lol. we have 20 girls, so we may have two teams instead. lol i dunno which one i'll end up on: the junior or senior.

I wanna play softball, but our school is too small. 100- kids. :(

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nice. :) it's cool that we're both sophomores in a way. I wish that i was in college. I actually am starting to enjoy chemistry. I'm not very good at history. but i don't take history this year, so i'm happy. we take computers instead. :)

lol our school took state for volleyball! :) that's pretty cooL! i don't know who our school rival is, tho. tee hee

do you like to write, btw?

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