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Notes from an Eternal Snow

Waiting for what seems like forever

New picture from Paint
crazy, skirt, dress
Honestly, I have not used Paint to animate in a long time. Now, for the first time in three months, I use it again! Here is my newest picture. It's of Correy. It took me like 20 minutes. lol

Honestly, he just looks so empty and...sad....that is what he looks like whenever I dream of him most of the time, now. Whenever he's not naked, at least! ;)


Writer's Block: Doh!
crazy, skirt, dress
What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?

Honestly, the dumbest thing I've ever done was make out with a gay guy. lol

Train of thought...let's see where this goes...
crazy, skirt, dress
BWAHH!!! I'm so hungry!!! 

My knee hurts so badly...

I love Correy so much. I kept thinking about him was weird.

I'm listening to the song I want to hear when I'm walking down the wedding isle....

The Last of the Mohicans is my favorite album of soundtrack.

I am sort of emo. Just that the school won't let me dye my hair purple.

I might, though, color my hair green for Halloween!!!

I just scratched my nose!

My earphones for my iPod match my ipod!

I have an ASU notebook, even though it says "Made Expressly for the ASU Bookstore". Tee hee!

I need to pick my nose now...

There we go!!!

I'm now listening to the Island, which is actually, my favorite album of soundtrack...

I forgot my violin at school! (Dang it!!!)

I am now able to wear red lipstick, now that my teeth are noticably whiter!!!

My jaw hurts!!!

My lipstick tastes awful! It has no flavor!

I have had two new story ideas this week!

I have the Shikon Jewel of Four Souls (necklace) from Inuyasha sitting on my desk!!!

I will be getting a phone soon. It is a Tmobile Sidekick. It's black!!! :D

My brother got a phone before me! :(

Wow 2000!

I really wish there was a Mannheim Steamroller concert soon...

I'm now listening to Never Too Late by 3 days's my vampyre song for the vampyre story!

I now really wish that there was a 3 DAys Grace concert soon...

I'm wearing a headband made of hard plastic from the dollar store that hurts so badly!

I now have a headache. :P

I'm so hungry!

We're having perohies for dinner!

Perohies are potatoe filled dumplings. It's good when covered in cheese.

Oh, I love cheese! I love muenster, cheddar, american, goat, laughing cow, swiss, and colby jack! I hate pepper jack and bleu.

My favorite colors are red and black.

My sweets looks sexy in black.

He also looks amazing in striped polos. tee hee

And if I don't belong...who would have guessed it?!?!

I have a tendancy to repeat song lyrics at random times.


Harry! Come quick! Dumbledore's been in some sort of accident!

Oh my God! Was it serious?!?!

 No, it was Snape!!!...



Oooh!  A genie! I've never seen a genie like this before!


Uhn, uhn, uhn...Don't talk! I'm your master now.


For my first wish...



I'M A FIRIN' MY...mediocre employee...



The Genie with a Dirty Mind!!!

Hey Genie, do you mind if I'm on top tonight???



Hey dude, where's your phone?

Oh, it's charging...




Oh hey! It's a letter from my uncle!





(looks in sink)

What the heck is in there?!?!




Oh my God! It's James Molina!



I must eat now!! Goodbye!

2 Goals Down!!! YAY!!!
crazy, skirt, dress
Remember those goals that I put up a few months ago? Two of them have been completed so far! Here they are:

I toned out my body (and butt) through volleyball practice and at-home workouts! :D

I whitened my teeth through Crest White Strips! I can wear red lipstick now! :D

Now that I got those two easy ones down, I can now work on my vampyre story, so that I can get the next hardest one out of the way. I have found a laptop that might suit me. It has 4GB for memory, 500 GB for hard drive, 4 USB ports, it plays HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray, it comes with a program that helps with images and animation, and it's only 7 pounds! It's $1000, but I can still save up. I'm in the process of saving up for a camera, and then an iPod Touch. I will plan on saving up for the iPod and computer when I start working (which I don't know when I will). My vampyre story is almost done. I just need to build the fight scene and that's all. I already have the very end figured out. :-) I will then cross off another goal on my list! Yay!

I'm so depressed!!!
crazy, skirt, dress
I keep thinking about my sweets (Correy) and how he might be handling the situation so far. You see, he is a very sensitive guy...for a guy...which is good, cuz I don't cry a lot, so he makes up for the crying I don't do, but Deb and I were discussing how he could be handling this situation and I worry for him. I had a was kinda like a dream...but I saw his face...and he was much darker looking...he looked like he had a shadow over him...and he was so sad. It was just him. Everything else was just...



Writer's Block: Confidence Booster
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What do you wear to feel confident?
lol my bra

Weird dreams
crazy, skirt, dress
I have been having some weird dreams, lately. One includes the one about me and Correy and Logan (wolverine) that I posted a while ago. Lol. Others are even weirder!

1. I was at a Colorado college and I was in the cafeteria with my friends on my first day there. I wasn't so familiar with the surroundings of the campus. When I had to go to the bathroom, I excused myself and went out of the cafeteria and headed for downstairs. Thinking illogically, I accidentaly found myself in another person's dorm. Coming out of the bathroom was a Japanese dude about my age (One, I was a college student, not a highschool sophomore at the time. Two, I dreamt of a Japanese guy probably because I think those guys are cute. ^^) . Immediately, we began kissing and making out on the bed. He pulled out this book, which happened to be a "Sex Bible", but it wasn't like a book about sex, like what those ones at the bookstore say. It was more like the Holy Bible, with verses and laws, except all about sex. He even tried some stuff out gently while we still had clothes on. My true conscience was saying to me, "Dude, this isn't right! He isn't Correy! You need to wake up. Now." And I did.

2. I was getting my sports physical at the doctor's office. Instead of my regular doctor, my person was Correy. What was so weird was that he had asked my mom to exit the room, and she did so pleasingly. He made me take off my clothes...all of them...and then became my "gynecologest"...checking me out and looking for problems. I was afraid that this dream would change into him eating me out on the doctor's table, so I woke up from that.

3. I met Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog at another Colorado college campus. He invited me to his house for dinner, but as we were eating (which our meal was fried chicken and corn), the house caught on fire, so Knuckles flew me up to a treehouse for safety. Note that this is the same treehouse I had in a previous dream that consisted of Correy and Logan (wolverine) playing cards to win me. I woke up from that because my knees were hurting me. :(

Vote which dream is the weirdest and if you have recently had a weird dream that you simply cannot get out of your head, feel free to post it/them down below! Thank you!


crazy, skirt, dress
Yay! School starts tomorrow! Volleyball practice was today!!! YAY!!!

Writer's Block: Memo to Myself
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If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?
To listen to my mom when she tells me not to call him at a party that he's not supposed to be at. Cuz if I never did call him from my friend phone because I was a faggot and I wanted to be part of a couple, too, he and I would still be calling each other, saying good morning and good night, I love you, and you're the most important person in my life. I wouldn't be suffering from a loss like I am now.

Home at Last!
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Sorry I haven't been online at all. lol Vacation was a complete mess. It didn't help me like I thought I would, so I decided to see what I can do about my new school. I don't want to talk much about my trip. It was extraordinary, but my family up there was a little different, the new friends I thought I made were really mean, and I was in a different state of my sweets.

I have a school schedule in this 100-person school. Haha. Here it is:

8:15-9:10  Bible

9:10-10:05  Computers

10:05-11:00  Chemistry

11:00-11:55  Spanish

11:55-12:25  Lunch

12:30-1:25  Geometry

1:25-2:20  English

2:20-3:15  Orchestra

Our school colors are blue and orange. Lol our mascot is a tiger and we even play with a Wilson Ball with the Wilson face on it! lol

Speaking of, volleyball practice begins Tuesday! Whoopee!


lol my boobs are bigger than that. lolzzz


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